THIS is what NEVER FORGET means.



During previous wars, many American soldiers never returned home folling the conclusion of the conflict. These soldiers were either killed and became MIA or became Prisoners of War (POW).


National Veterans Memorial & Museum

Located in Columbus, Ohio, the National Veterans Memorial & Museum is home to the only National memorial honoring veterans from all branches of the military and every conflict in this nations history.



Backbone of our great nation, US Military along with first responders give all and some have given their lives as the ultimate sacrifice in pursuring freedom for our nation.


Columbus and the National Veterans Memorial & Museum welcome you to join us for the 1st Rolling Thunder Ohio Freedom Ride on May 24, 2020.

As you may know, the decision to end the 32 year tradition of Rolling Thunder in Washington DC was only part of the decision making process by Rolling Thunder national leadership. The other part was for Rolling Thunder’s 90+ chapters to carry on the tradition by hosting local Demonstration Freedom Rides. Upon hearing this, Ohio’s seven RT chapters immediately began executing a plan: Rolling Thunder Ohio 2020. Other RT chapters across the country have done the same. Other organizations have also announced their plans for similar demonstrations.

Several things need to be said here. First off, it isn’t a competition. Our goal is the same as it ever was: to bring awareness and accountability for our POWs and MIAs and to support broader Veteran causes. In fact, it would be a beautiful thing to hear about hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of motorcyclists echoing throughout our country’s highways and city streets, in big cities and small towns alike. While Rolling Thunder will never be the same in DC, it will continue to live on nationally, and no better place than right here in Columbus, Ohio, this and every Memorial Day weekend.

Clearly we are committed to being a part of Rolling Thunder’s history with our first Freedom Ride here in May. For many there will be a demonstrated loyalty to our event precisely because WE ARE ROLLING THUNDER- made up of its chapters and most importantly its mission. We aren’t changing the name or adding anything to it- we are quite simply honoring and living the tradition. Yes, of course, we aspire to be a major event. Why wouldn’t we welcome more riders, more awareness? We not only want to be economically sustainable so that we don’t suffer the same fate as DC, but we also want to channel the legendary generosity of our riders in support of our POW/MIAs, our National Memorial & Museum, and all other important veterans causes.

Join us, ride to Columbus in May!

Ty Geiser
Liaison Ohio’s RT Chapters